Video game addiction is a mental health condition which is affecting lots of lives today. Basically, it is a gaming disorder defined by the International Classification of Diseases, as an outline of continuous or repeating gaming behaviour, which could take place either online or offline, and it is evident by the inability to have control over gaming.

Many people in the world play video games, not everyone happens to be addicted. The major difference between taking gaming as a hobby and an addiction, is the adverse effect which it has on your life.

Basically, an addict would have a certain level of severity which would cause great impairment in the major important areas of your life. Luxury rehabs can help with gaming addictions.

The major signs of video game addiction are as follows:

  • Preoccupation: A video game addict would always cast his mind back to the erstwhile gaming activity, and he would always be expectant of playing the coming game. Before he knows it, it becomes a major activity in his daily life.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: When the addict happens to be taken away from the act of gaming for a while, there are some symptoms experienced. He would be sad, feel the cravings to play the video game, he would also experience boredom and anxiety.
  • No interest in former hobbies: The video game addict would discover that, former activities which keep him thrilled, would no longer excite him. The only thing he thinks about, is video games, as it is the only activity which can keep him ecstatic.
  • Sustained excessive usage: Some video game addicts are aware of the effect of continued excessive use of video games, but they would still continue playing, despite their knowledge.
  • Deceiving those around him: For the fear of not having those around him complain, the video game addict would have most likely cooked up different stories to trick those who are close to him.
  • A medium to relieve negative disposition: Video game addicts see video games as their safe haven, which they can always utilize in helping them get over a negative mood or feeling.