signs symptoms video game obsessionA person who is crazy about video games is not hard to identify. Unlike many other obsessions, video games are reasonably socially acceptable, so people tend to be very open about their love for them. In fact, gamers are often too open about their love for gaming, to the point of irritating and boring the non-gamers in their lives. A number of video gamers are consumed by their love for video games, to the point that their thoughts, time, energy and money is spent primarily on video games. Below is a list of signs to watch for that may indicate if you are video game obsessed:

  • The time that you spend playing video games flies by like nothing.
  • The people in your life know to avoid disturbing you while you are gaming.
  • Instead of asking you what you want for your birthday and Christmas, your friends ask you which game you want for your birthday and Christmas.
  • When you have a new game you have been looking forward to it might be days before anyone sees you, other than fellow gamers.
  • Game creators can never keep up with your gaming appetite.
  • A number of your closest friendships were created through a headset.
  • You tell people in your life what you love or enjoy about a game even when it is obvious that they are not interested.
  • Your gaming habits have been the topic of a negative conversations with your spouse, significant other or family.

If this list sounds all too much like yourself, it is possible that you are addicted to video games. Video game addiction is a recent phenomenon, but is considered a legitimate addiction. Video game addictions that become out of control can result in damaged relationships, poor health and the loss of jobs or good standing in school. If you think you are legitimately addicted to video games, seek addiction treatment.