Game addiction is a rising form of addiction which is prevalent among teenagers. It is something which many parents are worried about because of the detrimental effects which follow.

A teenager who is addicted to games, particularly video games would have an obsessive behavior They would always want to return to the game, and they show irritable and aggressive behavior when they do not have access to the game.

An addicted teenager would find it difficult to sleep. Hence, when it is in the early hours of the day, they are up already, and playing their favorite game.

This obsessive acts results in sleep deprivation, which is disadvantageous to a developing mind. When they go to school the next day, their learning and attention is affected.

Teenagers who are addicted to video games would definitely have other physical problems. Some of them would complain of headaches, back aches and the likes. This happens because, addicted gamers are always oblivious of their personal hygiene.

One of the ways to handle gaming addiction in teenagers, is to talk to them about how life works. You need to explain to them that, there is more to life than having an obsessive desire for games.

They should also be aware that, any success attained in the gaming world is not real, and it does not translate to reality.

You should also set a reasonable time for your child to play games. You can decide to allot one hour per day, and around 2-3hours each weekend.

Doing this would be teaching your child the essence of priorities. The rules regarding the time for games each day should be very strict and not infringed on.

Also, you should not make the mistake of giving more gaming hours to your child as a form of reward, it is best to look to other means. You should also have some disciplinary measures in place, in case your child does not stick to your rules.

Putting all these measures in place would help in preventing gaming addiction, and if your child is already addicted, it can still be effectively controlled.